The International MPS Network

International MPS Network Operation center

The International MPS Network is the official body of the patient associations representing MPS and MPS Societies at a European and global level. The aims of the Network are:

  • To act as an independent forum for MPS Societies and relevant patient associations at a European and global level, including supporting each other and emerging new patient organisations representing MPS.
  • To promote the well-being of those affected by Mucopolysaccharide and related Lysosomal diseases through the best practices of clinical diagnosis, management and treatment.
  • To promote public and professional awareness of Mucopolysaccharide and related Lysosomal diseases.
  • To oversee the nominations for an MPS Society or relevant patient association to host the International Symposium on Mucopolysaccharide Diseases and to preside over the decision making, forward planning and reporting.
  • To identify research priorities and potential collaborations and where appropriate, work in partnership with the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To develop relationships and partnerships with other Lysosomal Storage Disease Groups for the purposes of collaboration and joint learning.